An EMMA Visit

EMMA can bring tools, materials, and mentors to your school so your teachers and students can experience the power of learning through creating and making. This experience can leave your students and staff equipped to have more meaningful conversations about:

  • the impact of creating and making on student learning
  • making space for creating and making in your school
  • how to get started

It is hard to have a conversation about the impact of creating and making on student learning unless you’ve experienced maker empowerment yourself. An EMMA+ visit can help you understand how creating and making can take Inquiry and Project Based Learning to a new level. An EMMA+ visit can help you see how creating and making can help students gain transferable skills such as problem solving, effective communication, self direction, integrated thinking, and citizenship.

It is hard to conceive a space for creating and making in your schools unless you’ve had the chance to create and make. Whether the makerspace you are imagining takes up a corner of a classroom or library, roams the halls on a mobile cart, or is a total renovation of space into a dedicated makerspace, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions about which tools to purchase or supplies to stock up on. An Emma+ visit and mentor support will help you make better choices about which tools and supplies will best meet your goals.

Creating and Making has multiple entry points and getting started with Creating and Making can feel overwhelming. An EMMA+ visit is a FIRST STEP towards bringing creating and making to your school, with mentor support to help you develop manageable next steps.

But what does and EMMA Visit look like?

An EMMA+ Visit can be a day where educators:

~create and make as part of a professional development event

~co-teach with maker-education practitioners who bring tools,
materials, learning resources

~plan, reflect, design instruction that connect pedagogy and
standards to creating and making

What can an EMMA visit do for students?

Make meaningful things for self and community.

Experience agency, empathy, and ownership over their learning
Build 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, integrative thinking, effective communication, collaboration and self direction.

What can an EMMA visit do for educators?

Gain powerful learning modules to try with your students.

Build confidence in working with materials and tools found in maker-centered learning.

Co-design and co-facilitate maker-centered instruction that integrates creating and making across the curriculum

Support planning of creating and making in your learning environment

What can an EMMA visit do for your school & community?

Inspire a wide variety of stakeholders.

Launch a community conversation about making.

Show what is possible with a wide range of accessible tools and materials

Help you ask the right questions for next steps.

What type of materials and tools can an EMMA+ visit give you access to?

  • Handtools / Power tools
  • Soldering Stations
  • Circuit boards
  • Coding Robots
  • 3D printer
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Laser Cutter
  • CNC Router
  • Green Screen/Media Making tools

What topics can an EMMA+ visit include

  • Create with Circuits and Code
  • Create with Cardboard
  • Make with eTextiles
  • Design for 2D and 3D fabrication
  • Make with Raspberry Pi
  • Design Thinking/Inventive Thinking
  • Tinkering / Make Like an Engineer
  • STEM/STEAM Challenges
  • Making Media

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