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EMMA was adopted by Lucie deLaBruere in 2015. Since then EMMA has visited numerous schools and community events around Vermont as part of a quest to introduce creating and making opportunities to under-represented populations (especially those in rural communities).
EMMA is a mobile studio for creating and making with a mission — to increase access to Creating and Making in rural schools and communities.

We believe that (E)VERYONE (M)AY (M)AKE (A)NYWHERE. Having the right combinations of resources can make it possible for students and teachers to experience the power of making. Resources such as mentors, professional development, and entry level tools to get you started are most often found in small cities that have makerspaces, universities, and/or high tech industry.

What if rural communities had a chance to discover materials, tools, and processes for including creating and making in their own school or community?

What if that experience came with a mentor to help guide the conversation about where and how to make space for creative hands on learning?
An EMMA visit can start the conversation in your community.

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EMMA was adopted by Lucie deLaBruere in 2015.
Recent partnership with Tarrant Institute, University of Vermont, and Google have made it possible for EMMA to work with rural schools in Vermont.

A partnership between Tarrant Institute and EMMA (a mobile studio for creating and making) supported by Google and UVM Foundation to provide extended learning opportunities to schools across Vermont’s rural communities.

Through this partnership EMMA brings materials, tools, and mentors to public school to help those with little to no experience gain the creative confidence they need to start creating and making as a vehicle to learning

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